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Down with the bourgeois!!

23rd Dec 2012, 3:40 PM
Down with the bourgeois!!
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creamygnome 23rd Dec 2012, 3:40 PM edit delete
Ho ho ho, it's Stalin Claus!

You know, at work I have to hear stupid christmas music all day long and it got me thinking about that Rudolph song. Santa sure is a jerk. Why does he hire douche reindeer that treat Rudolph so rudely? Why doesn't he put a stop to it? Laughing, calling him names, NO reindeer games. Rudolph had a miserable life. If I was Rudolph, when Santa came to me one foggy christmas eve I'd have said "Screw you, Santa. You only talk to me when you need something from me? You don't even give me presents! I'm not helping. I hope christmas is RUINED!"
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Draginbeard 23rd Dec 2012, 5:02 PM edit edit delete reply
I wonder if this is where the Harry Potter story got its inspiration from?
creamygnome 23rd Dec 2012, 5:34 PM edit edit delete reply
For the first time it seems I don't understand your reference. You've confused me, Draginbeard!
Draginbeard 23rd Dec 2012, 6:24 PM edit edit delete reply
Yeah, its a bit of a stretch but your description reminded me of the Potter story, the comparisons stuck out for me.

Rudolph was picked on growing up, his adopted parents (mr. & mrs. Clause) didnt help or protect him, and only wanted him because he might be able to pull a sled one day. Then Rudolph developed his magic nose and could defeat the darkest night with it! =P

I live an obscure life
creamygnome 24th Dec 2012, 3:27 AM edit edit delete reply
I'm just not familiar enough with it. It does make sense now that you explained it!
Draginbeard 25th Dec 2012, 12:04 AM edit edit delete reply
No problem, I can be the poster child for Vague some days.
chris-tar 5th Feb 2013, 11:38 AM edit edit delete reply
As a child growing up. I definitely related to Rudolph. And I agree with your take on the story. Why give back to a society that only ever took away from you, namely, your self esteem.
creamygnome 5th Feb 2013, 3:45 PM edit edit delete reply
I know! I've never understood why it was such a super popular children's story. I guess most kids aren't bright enough to see things for how they really are. We're all just supposed to overlook the first half of the song/movie when Rudolph is treated like garbage.
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